What Is Atrasis Coc Server?

Atrasis is essentially a Coc Private Server where you get Unlimited gems, assets, Custom structures, and warriors. Atrasis is one of the Most Popular Coc Server. Atrasis Runs on the freshest Coc version with Townhall 14 update. Atrasis Coc Private servers provide two various servers with many features.

All Features Without Any Lag!

This Clash of clans Mod is one of the most stable servers with real-time clan war and clan game features with no hang back. Atrasis also Combined new troops from Clash Royale like Sparky, Royal Giant, Princess, and Knight. You can also Push your rank and Be number #1 in the World of clashes. It contains all champion skins and landscape and unlimited Magic things For free.

In-Game Commands and Server Info

It also gives in-game commands Like to attack your private Base or attack a created base. You also have the power to Update your village with just one click, which makes this server outstanding. Atrasis Coc Private servers give two various servers with many features, Atrasis Ultimate, And Atrasis Original. Here is where you can also Download other servers like Clash of soul, Nulls clash, or Clash of magic.

Atrasis Give two different servers with different Features. Atrasis original and Atrasis Ultimate. The Original Coc mod Contains no mods, and it’s similar to a real clash of clans but with unlimited funds and gems, while on the other hand, Ultimate contains Mods, Bh Troops, Unlimited troops, and resources. Choose them according to your will and must-have. Scroll Down for more information.

Features Of Atrasis Coc Private server

Unlimited Gems & Resources

Atrasis Servers Provides you with unlimited Gems and Funds that help You to design your Dream base.

In-Game Commands

Atrasis Server also contains in-game commands that help you to add Unlimited Funds To your game.


Choicest Server with 0% In-game drag and Load screen. Atrasis Also Supports low-end machines.

Custom Mods

Boom Beach Defenses, Goku, Custom Structures are only in the Ultimate server.


Name Atrasis Coc Server

Current Version 14.93.6

Size 213 Mb

Requirement Android 4.0.1 and up

Tasks COC server

Developer Supercell Small Team

Atrasis Server List

Atrasis Coc servers offer two different Servers.

Original Version without mods and Latest version with mods.

Atrasis Original

Latest Game Version (v14.93)

Unlimited Gems

Clan Wars & Challenge

Clan War Leagues & Clan Games

In-Game Commands

No Mods

Atrasis Ultimate

Latest Game Version (v14.93)

Unlimited Gems

Clan Wars & Challenge

Clan War Leagues & Clan Games

In-Game Commands

BH Troops in Main Village

Nita Hero


Clash of clans Private server essentially runs on different servers, and there is no link Between the real Clash of clans and these servers. Coc Private server contains unlimited gems and 0sec update time and affords, making your game more accessible, boring, and less immersing. So I recommend you download this Version of coc Just Fun and try the new Modded Building, Defenses, and Troops as this server includes everything for free.

I honestly suggest you not spend any time generating free gems. Many websites scam people, and they might also steal your clash of clans accounts and your time too. So Download any Clash Of Clans private server from this website which is 100% trusted, and by downloading, develop your strategies and game sense by following the given instructions above. have any questions? Related to any issues you are facing, don’t hesitate to contact us.


  1. First Download Atrasis From the below link
  2. Open security >> Unknown Resources (check to mark the option).
  3. Open the APK folder to start the installation process.
  4. Now you can enjoy the game.

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