Adobe Photoshop PS Touch Download

Adobe Photoshop PS Touch is the same as adobe photoshop in the mobile version. For those looking for photo editing, application for mobile for them adobe brought the features of the PC Photoshop program for mobile users.

Adobe Photoshop Touch is the same as adobe photoshop PC, but ps touch has been developed that is associated with touch screens. It makes photo editing tasks much more accessible.

Photoshop Touch, you can manipulate layers and adjustment tools to create impressive images. It also has a lot of share options like Facebook and, Upload to adobe cloud, or you can save pictures to the gallery. You can also download adobe photoshop pc.

It supports a maximum resolution of 1600X1600, allowing you a lot of space to create your single images. It is one of the most fantastic photo editing software usable worldwide.

Features of Adobe Photoshop PS Touch 

Here are the main features of adobe photoshop ps touch:-

Great Interface

Ps Touch unique tablet-friendly interface, and it is easy to use. Users will know where editing tools are after using them several times.

Color Changes

Users will be able to change the color of different objects in the photo without affecting the image. You can also change the color of the clothes they are wearing.

Add And Remove Objects

In this feature, users can add anything to the photo. You can join photos and make then one single picture to look at. A family photo can be created by mixing two images into one. You can also remove objects from photos.


  • Click on the below button to start downloading Adobe Photoshop Touch. After Downloading the application, please open it and install the file. Now you can enjoy the ps touch.

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